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Unused Images in WordPress Clean Up


A cluttered WordPress site not only affects the speed and performance of your website, but it can also consume a significant amount of storage space. One of the main contributors to cluttered sites are unused Images in WordPress, which can increase your hosting costs over time.

Benefits of Removing Images in WordPress :

  1. Improved Site Speed: Unused images can slow down your website, making it harder for users to access your site. By removing these images, you can significantly improve your site’s speed and performance.

  2. Reduced Hosting Costs: Hosting companies often charge based on the amount of storage space you use. By removing unused images, you can free up storage space and reduce your hosting costs.

  3. Better User Experience: A cluttered site can make it difficult for users to find the information they’re looking for. By cleaning up unused images, you can improve the user experience on your site, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

How to Clean Up Unused Images in WordPress:

The easiest way to clean up unused images is to use a plugin such as Media Cleaner. This plugin scans your site for unused images and allows you to easily remove them, freeing up storage space and improving the speed and performance of your site.


In conclusion, cleaning up unused images on your WordPress site is an essential task that can improve site speed, reduce hosting costs, and improve the user experience. By using a plugin such as Media Cleaner, you can quickly and easily remove these images and keep your site running smoothly.