Convert HTML to Functional WordPress Website

Are you looking to transform your static HTML website into a dynamic and easily manageable WordPress site? At ERA Solutions, we specialize in converting HTML websites into fully functional and user-friendly WordPress websites, allowing you to harness the power of this versatile content management system.


Seamless HTML-to-WordPress Conversion:

Our service expertly transforms your static HTML website into a dynamic and fully functional WordPress site. We preserve the original design while leveraging WordPress's capabilities to add interactivity and easy content management.

Responsive Design Retention:

The converted WordPress website retains the responsive design of your original HTML site. This ensures that your content looks great and functions seamlessly across all devices, providing a consistent user experience.

Custom Functionality Integration:

Beyond the HTML conversion, we enhance your website's functionality by integrating custom features using WordPress plugins. Whether you need contact forms, galleries, or e-commerce capabilities, we tailor the site to your specific requirements.

Benefits of Our Service:

Enhanced Functionality:

Convert your static HTML website into an interactive and dynamic WordPress site, empowering you to engage with your audience effectively.

User-Friendly Management:

WordPress’s intuitive interface lets you effortlessly update content, add new pages, and manage your website’s features without coding knowledge.

Responsive Experience:

Enjoy a website that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, ensuring a satisfying user experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Expanded Possibilities:

With WordPress’s vast plugin ecosystem, you can easily add functionalities like contact forms, e-commerce, and more to meet your specific needs.

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Frequently asked question :

Our service involves transforming your existing static HTML website into a dynamic WordPress site. We retain your design while integrating WordPress’s functionality. This includes converting content, ensuring responsiveness, and adding custom features.

The comprehensive scan doesn’t apply to this service as it’s not related to scanning. We focus on converting HTML to WordPress, enabling dynamic content management and enhanced functionality.

Since there is no scan involved, there won’t be any scan results to access. We’ll provide you with a fully functional WordPress website, allowing you to manage your content and features seamlessly.

We typically provide you with a user-friendly WordPress admin dashboard. It empowers you to make informed decisions by allowing you to manage content, update features, and monitor your website’s performance easily.

While our service doesn’t focus on media file management, you can manage and optimize media files within the WordPress media library after the conversion. This helps keep your site efficient and streamlined.

Your access to the WordPress dashboard is ongoing. This allows you to manage and update your content, add new features, and ensure your website remains current and engaging.

  • By converting your static HTML site to a dynamic WordPress site, we enable responsive design, efficient content management, and the integration of custom functionalities. This contributes to improved user experience and potential performance gains.
  • What is the advantage of optimized storage? Although optimized storage isn’t directly related to this service, efficient media usage within the WordPress site can lead to faster loading times and an overall smoother user experience.

Converting to WordPress allows you to manage content easily without coding knowledge. You can update pages, add posts, and modify features intuitively through the dashboard. This simplifies content updates and ongoing maintenance.

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